Naruto Museum Pass

NFT Naruto Museum has changed its name from "Naruto Galle no Mori Museum" to "NFT Naruto Museum" as the first museum in Japan to exhibit NFTs, and has reopened on March 1st, 2022. Naruto Museum Pass, a ticket to participate in the museum's projects such as exhibition events and creator support projects, will be released.


竜とそばかすの姫    ©️2021 スタジオ地図


Features of the NFT

Exhibit your NFTs at the Museum

You can exhibit your own NFTs in a booth at the museum. In addition, we also offer opportunities to exhibit your NFTs at various events we are planning in the future.

Voting and priority purchase rights on Naruto Launchpad

This is the right to vote for holders on the Naruto Launchpad, which supports NFT activities of creators and artists' works, and the right to priority purchase of NFT works released through the Launchpad.

NFT Exhibitions on Naruto Meta Museum and Personal Galleries in it.

We offer admission to the official Naruto Meta Museum (currently under development), the right to participate in events, and personal gallery space in the museum's metaverse space.

Admission Ticket to NFT Naruto Art Museum

This is an admission ticket to NFT Naruto Museum located in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture. When you visit the museum, you can enter for free by simply presenting your possession page of the NFT.


Details of the NFT


Naruto Museum Pass Gold Edition

Naruto Museum Pass Silver Edition

Quantity for sale: 99 
Location of sale: To be determined
Price: To be determined

The Gold Edition is a Pass for business companies and NFT projects that cooperate with the museum's initiatives. Pass holders will be able to hold exclusive exhibitions at the museum.

Quantity for sale: 999
Location of sale: Minting will be available on this webpage
Price: Presale 0.09 eth / Public Sale 0.12eth

Presale for WL:  Fri. 5/13 at noon UTC - Sun. 5/15 at noon UTC

Public Sale: Sun. 5/15 at noon UTC -  


Contact at Discord



Upcoming Projects

Naruto Launchpad

This project is funded by the museum to support artists' creation of NFTs and their global promotion. Pass holders will vote and decide which creators they would like to support, and we intend to create a form of community support for the project. The first phase of the project will seek creators to create generative PFP NFTs for Pass holders. Pass holders will be able to vote for the creators and receive a free mint for the PFP NFTs created.

Naruto Meta Museum

We will open NFT Naruto Museum on the Sandbox and other metaverse projects. We will promote efforts to integrate the metaverse and realverse, such as holding community events at the metaverse museums and the real museum. The metaverse museums are scheduled to start in June 2022 or later.

Meta logo design.png
Lanchpad logodesign.png

Project Roadmap


・Museum Pass Sales

・Holding of NFT exhibition events,  including projects

・Naruto Launchpad first holder

   Voting by the community


・Second and later Naruto

   Launchpad projects

・Opening of Naruto Meta Museum

・Holding exhibition events at various       locations

・Hosting events for holders


・As the market leader in real exhibits

   x NFT, we will hold events in a variety     of locations

・We will leverage our name recognition

   and network to become a platform for

   supporting domestic and international